antipasto manifesto

I always knew that there was something different about the environment in which I was raised.  When I say “environment,” I mean class, country, and consciousness.  As a young child I was innocent to the nastiness of the world—I grew up in Walt Disney’s back yard.  Imagine endless roads lined with nothing but half-rate strip malls—LOOK!  There’s another Toy’s ‘R’ Us, and that has to be the sixth Mickey D’s I’ve seen on US-1 within the last 15 miles.  I had everything at my little, grungy fingertips.

I came from the usual forty-percent of dysfunctional or broken families created from the baby-boomers (the number is still on the rise, “BEE TEE DUB.”), I was an American, and I used to think I knew enough.  Presently, my family is still a bit crazed, I am a U.S. citizen, and now I know that I will never know enough.

I have realized that many of Americans have been conditioned to play what is becoming a subhuman role in life.  I say this, because it is my belief that we as humans, must leave this material world and the title of “consumer” behind and embrace the beauties of self-sustainability.  With design as a creative driving source, so much can be accomplished. All we have to do is come together and let go of that brand new and improved, twenty-miles to a gallon Hummer, Harvey Hamburger—or perhaps come to the realization that there are more important things in life than those 99 cent mystery meat “sliders,” right Alice ?

Design has been used for much of everything in the world, which we, as consumers, consciously see, taste, touch, hear, smell—and now thanks to modern medicine—think.  I would like to use design to fight against the evils of this world—to break through the awful conditioning that has been used upon my family, my friends, my fellow homo sapiens. Design should be used to create a better world for tomorrow, not for wars, not for religious bigotry, not for greed, but for good to everything within you and outside of you.


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